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So helpful

It’s so helpful to hear the honesty about struggling with jealousy! I felt really weird and alone for most all of my many years about this. Such a relief to hear it described from others. And to be encouraged instead of shamed!

Amazing content

Nice to hear from someone who has experienced the things she is teaching about. Feel a better connection and hope from listening as opposed to someone who no matter how smart can just not understand. Keep it up girl!

Shanenn is so compassionate

It was truly such an honor to share space with Shanenn as we discussed trauma and how it relates to jealousy in relationships and so often stems from one’s early childhood or experiences encountered in one’s developmental stages of life. I couldn’t think of anyone more compassionate to discuss trauma as it relates to jealousy in relationships. Thanks for the time, effort, and energy you put into your show Shanenn!

An MBA in self-awareness!

I was not aware of how many layers of jealousy exist until I listened to this podcast. I recently had a discussion with Shanenn on the topic and it amazes me how much insight she has on the subject. Thank you!

The Podcast you didn’t know you Needed!

I love that Shannon gets real about the insecurities and jealousy - traits that we often try to keep hidden and in the dark. But she brings them to the light, and talks about them in a very relatable way. We have ALL been there, and been jealous before, but the way Shannon talks about it, normalizes it, and makes you feel seen, and heard.

Learn to Overcome Toxic Patterns

This is such a great podcast uncovering the hard topics we do rarely talk about. From someone who used to struggle with jealousy in relationships and jealous partners, this podcast helps me understand these patterns. I highly recommend checking out this show if you feel tension in your relationship and would like to learn tangible strategies to overcome jealousy and strengthen communication and trust!

Mystery Gone

Jealousy has hurt me in so many relationships. It’s difficult to not bring the pain of your past into new relationships, but it’s a MUST if you want to be happy. This podcast takes out the mystery of the green eyed monster to help you have the life and love you want!!!

Jealousy Is a *****

Understanding not all jealousy is the common phrasing of jealousy is key in this show. Shanenn really breaks down a lot of internalized issues I've had and has helped me continue growth.

Great perspective

I love the fresh take on jealousy and emotions. What is it signaling to you? The examples are relatable and create a mindset shift just from listening.

This takes courage!

Jealousy, if left unchecked, can be dangerous! That is why I am so glad you are dealing with this issue Shannen. It’s not a sexy topic and it can also come with a lot of guilt, pain and shame but it has to be dealt with. Thank you for providing a safe space to talk about a difficult topic. Thank you for giving the world tools to deal with jealousy and all that comes with it. This takes courage!