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July 9, 2022

01: Introducing The Jealousy Junkie Podcast

01:  Introducing The Jealousy Junkie Podcast

If you struggle with insecurities and jealousy in your relationship, this podcast is for you! 

Often these insecurities come from childhood or experience with betrayal and cheating partners in past relationships.  This can leave you with feelings of jealousy and insecurity in your current relationship, even when there's no evidence or grounds to be worried.

Former jealous girl, Shanenn Bryant, brings on experts in their field to tackle this green-eyed monster once and for all. 

Join us each week and start your new relationship journey from jealous and fearful to calm and confident.

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A[00:00:00] Shanenn Bryant- Jealousy Junkie: 
Feeling jealous and anxious in your relationship comes with a range of painful emotions from sadness to that anxiety to shame and embarrassment. I also know that you do anything to feel more secure in your relationship. I've been there. My name is Shanenn Bryant and I struggled with jealousy in relationships for years.

[00:00:20] Shanenn Bryant- Jealousy Junkie: 
Growing up in an alcoholic and chaotic environment led to many insecurities as an adult. And the betrayals in my romantic relationships just reinforced my thinking. And through my years of struggling with jealousy, it seemed like I was the only one who thought this way. And I felt very alone. I also felt like, well, this is just the way that I am. I can't change it. It's just how I am and the way I'm always going to be. 

[00:00:48] Shanenn Bryant- Jealousy Junkie: 
Until I realized there is a way to overcome that extreme jealousy. And there are tons of people just like you that have these feelings of insecurity in their relationship. So if you're battling those jealous demons, like I was, this podcast is for you. And here's a sneak peek of what's to come.

[00:01:16] Shanenn Bryant- Jealousy Junkie: 
Hypnotherapist Dr. Ann Balkanski shares how your thinking mind is only about 10% of who you are, and it can lead you down the wrong path at times. And why it's so important to tap into your subconscious mind where the majority of your clarity comes from. 

[00:01:33] Dr. Ann Balkanski: 
It's just, that's the programming in the body. And so when it comes to reactions, we may react based on an emotion or feeling. And those are patterns that we create from past events or situations that we've had that basically are ingrained within our body or our subconscious mind. 

[00:01:52] Shanenn Bryant- Jealousy Junkie: 
I know it was really important for me to figure out...why am I so jealous?

[00:01:58] Shanenn Bryant- Jealousy Junkie: 
So you'll hear from Dr. Genesis Games, as she breaks down attachment styles, why it's important to know yours and how to move to a secure attachment style for improved relationships. 

[00:02:10] Dr. Genesis Games: 
The first thing I wanna highlight is that although there's different types of insecure attachment styles and they display different behaviors. They all want connection and they all want to be in a relationship. They want to feel seen. They want to feel loved. They want to feel heard. It just, it creates anxiety for them. And they display this anxiety in different ways. But at the root of it, there is the same desire. And there's the same fear.

[00:02:36] Shanenn Bryant- Jealousy Junkie: 
At times the reactions to your emotions may leave you feeling the need to apologize to your partner. So I've invited author of the book, Good Apology, Molly Howes to share her four steps to making things right. 

[00:02:50] Author, Molly Howes: 
Guilt gets a very bad rap as if it's bad for us. There certainly is a very sort of pernicious deep guilt that's not called for. And that's not good for people. But mostly guilt is the way good people know they've done something wrong or the way we know that we need to fix something. It's productive. It drives us to try to repair or heal something. And that's distinct from shame. 

[00:03:15] Shanenn Bryant- Jealousy Junkie: 
Myself, these guests and many, many more are looking forward to going on this journey with you as you go from jealous and fearful to calm and confident.

[00:03:25] Shanenn Bryant- Jealousy Junkie: 
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