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Nov. 22, 2022

18: How Stress Ramps Up Your Jealous Brain w/ Dr. Cindi Ackrill

18: How Stress Ramps Up Your Jealous Brain w/ Dr. Cindi Ackrill

Did you know when your brain is operating under duress, all of the "parts" are not coordinating which can ramp up your jealous mind.

Our brains have a negative bias because it wants to save us.  It wants to keep us safe from danger.  But overload causes the brain to get out of symphony.

Leader in the field of stress mastery, Dr. Cindi Ackrill shares what stress and comparison does to your brain and the intersection between how grounded you are and when you start to compare.

Cindi also shares:

  • how your brain loves to create meaning out of things and how to check-in and question that meaning
  • how a stressed brain will keep you in automatic thinking and in our same patterns which can keep you in the jealousy loo.
  • what it means to be stress smart, stress strong and stress wise

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