Welcome to Jealousy Junkie!


If you struggle with insecurities and jealousy in your relationship, this podcast is for you!

Often these insecurities come from childhood or experience with betrayal and cheating partners in past relationships. This can leave you with feelings of jealousy and insecurity in your current relationship, even when there's no evidence or grounds to be worried.

Former jealous girl, Shanenn Bryant, brings on experts in their field to tackle this green-eyed monster once and for all. Join us each week and start your new relationship journey from jealous and fearful to calm and confident.


About the Host

Shanenn Bryant

Shanenn Bryant is the host of the Jealousy Junkie podcast and an ACA survivor. As a former jealous girl herself, she understands the painful range of self-conscious emotions and anxiety jealousy can bring to your relationship and the quality of your life.

Growing up in a chaotic and violent environment brought many challenges as an adult. Feelings of low self-worth, zero self-esteem and extreme jealousy in relationships.

After many years of struggling with jealousy, a lot of self discovery and self-awareness to overcome it, she is pouring her time, dedication, stories and conversations with experts in their field into this podcast to help support you on your journey to go from anxious and fearful in your relationship to calm and confident.